Indian’s, it’s time to be alert!

Hi fellow citizens. There’s nothing to panic. It’s just an a phase where we should be alert. It’s an election result day today, so be careful and enjoy the results

Just do these :

•Save numbers of nearby police station.

•Record the photos and videos if you see any violence BUT DO NOT SHARE THEM. That’s their main motive, to divert attention.

•There are some anti national elements who wants to disturb the law and order of the country, so we need to stop them. Let’s show them our unity.

Share it to all SM and your family. Stay Safe & Alert. Good Night.



Blue alert!

Global warming is a Global warning. It’s time to be alert, before it’s too late.

Let’s save the globe, globally!


Think before sleep 🤗

What people value the most is time, not your work.

If you have a good time, then you have a great future. But when your time changes the worst, then the only thing you have is the story of great past.

So work according to the present, keeping in mind what your past was, and secure your future.

Good night!


The interesting facts about Constitution of India.

1. Indian Constitution is the longest Constitution in the World.

2. It tooks 2 year 11 month and 17 days to pass the Constitution.

3. It was raining outside on the day when Constitution was signed.

4. The Constitution of India contains 146,385 words.

5. Total of 284 member signed the Constitution of India, which is the bigger number yet.

Proud to be Indian

Jai Hind