I’m superior!

I’m a man of a word.
Yes, but sometimes i break rules.
If it makes me superior,
Then I’m superior!

I’m a lifetime learner.
Yes, but sometimes my necessity is to teach.
If it makes me superior,
Then I’m superior!

I’m a good listener.
Yes, but sometimes i avoid to listen.
If it makes me superior,
Then I’m superior!

I’m not superior.
Yes, but sometimes i love to lead the superiority.
If it makes you feel inferior,
Then yes I’m superior!

Faking the superiority is not my habit. But if my attitude makes someone say me that “hey, you are not superior”. Than believe me, I’m superior!



Ayodhya dispute is the longest ever internal dispute in country. The roots of these dispute are 491 years old. Babur, the mughal invader impeached himslef as an emperor of india on 20 april 1956. He came to ayodhya in beginning of year 1528, & created the monument (Many termed it as an mosque) in his own memory. ASI says that there was a hindu temple where he built an monument.

The legal battle between Hindus and Muslims in Ayodhya began in 1949 by a title dispute. The first legal suit 61/280 was filed by nirmohi akhada in 1885.

Anyways, the case is at peak now. Soon there will be a judgement on these disputed. These is now not left the matter of land, but it has become the matter of sentiments now.

Let’s have a look on time line of ayodhya case.

{Year, month, date, description, & any type of statistics is taken from Google}

All these started in year 1528 : According to the inscription on its walls, the Babri Masjid constructed on orders of emperor Babur. Local tradition says it was built after demolishing (the ruins of) a temple at the birth spot of Rama.

In year 1611 : English merchant William Finch recorded Rama’s castle and houses being visited by pilgrims.

Year 1717 : Rajput noble Jai Singh II purchased the land of the mosque and vested it in the deity. Hindus worship Rama idols outside the mosque.

Year 1768 : Jesuit priest Joseph Tieffenthaler witnessed the mosque and recorded the local tradition that it was built by Aurangzeb, while some said Babur built it.

Year 1853 : The first recorded communal clashes over the site date to this year.

Year 1859 : The colonial British administration put a fence around the site, denominating separate areas of worship for Hindus and Muslims. That is how it stood for about 90 years.

December 1949 : Idols were placed inside the mosque. Both sides to the dispute filed civil suits. The government locked the gates, saying the matter was sub judice and declared the area disputed. The civil suits were filed for ownership of the Plot no 583 of the area.

Year 1961 : Case filed in Indian courts against forceful occupation of the Babri Mosque and placing of idols within it.

Year 1984 : The movement to build a temple at the site, which Hindus claimed was the birthplace of Lord Ram, gathered momentum when Hindu groups formed a committee to spearhead the construction of a temple at the Ramjanmabhoomi site.

Year 1986 : A district judge ordered the gates of the mosque to be opened after 37 years (see 1949 above) and allowed Hindus to worship inside the “disputed structure.” A Babri Mosque Action Committee was formed as Muslims protested the move to allow Hindu prayers at the site. The gates were opened in less than an hour after the court decision.

Year 1989 : The clamour for building a Ram temple was growing. In February, VHP proclaimed that a Shila or a stone will be established for construction of temple near the area. In November, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad laid foundations of a temple on land adjacent to the “disputed structure” in presence of Home Minister Sh Boota Singh and then Chief Minister Sh ND Tiwari. There were sporadic clashes in the country such as Bhagalpur in Bihar.

Year 1990 : Sh V P Singh became the Prime Minister of India with support of BJP which had won 58 seats in the election, a massive improvement from its last tally of 2 seats. The then BJP president Lal Krishna Advani took out a cross-country rathyatra to garner support for the move to build a Ram temple at the site. On 23 October, he was arrested in Bihar during the yatra, following which BJP took back its support to the government. Sh Chandrashekhar became the Prime Minister of India with support of the Congress. On 30 October, many were gunned down by the police on orders of the then Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav, when they gathered in Ayodhya as participants of the Rath-Yatra; their bodies were thrown in the river Saryu.

Year 1991 : Congress came to power at center after elections in 1991, while BJP became major opposition party in center and came to power in many states such as Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Kalyan Singh became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. State government acquired 2.77 acre land in the area and gave it on lease to RamJanmBhoomi Nyas Trust. The Allahbad High Court stopped any permanent construction activity in the area. Kalyan Singh publicly supported the movement while Central Government took no action to curb the increasing tensions. In spite of the High Court judgement, disputed area was leveled.

Year 1992 : Kalyan Singh took steps to support the movement such as making entry into area easier, promising no firing on Karsevaks, opposing decision of central government to send Central Police force in the area, etc. In July, several thousand Karsevaks assembled in the area and the work for maintenance of temple started. This activity was stopped after intervention of the prime minister. Meetings started between Babri Masjid Action Committee and VHP leaders in presence of the home minister. On 30 October, Dharam Sansad of VHP proclaimed in Delhi that the talks have failed and Karseva will presume from 6 December. Central Government was considering the deployment of central police forces in the area and dissolution of state government but in the end decided against it. The case was being heard in the Supreme Court which told that State Government is responsible for ensuring law and order in the area. The government was discussing it in Cabinet Committee meeting and Rashtriya Ekta Parishad. BJP boycotted the Parishad. The Allahbad High Court was hearing the matter of legality of structure of foundation laid in 1989.

6 December 1992 : The Babri Mosque was demolished by a gathering of near 200,000 Karsevaks. Communal riots across India followed.

16 December 1992 : Ten days after the demolition, the Congress government at the Centre, headed by PV Narasimha Rao, set up a commission of inquiry under Justice Liberhan.

Year 1993 : Ten days after the demolition, the Congress government at the Centre, headed by PV Narasimha Rao, set up a commission of inquiry under Justice Liberhan.

Year 2001 : Tensions rose on the anniversary of the demolition of the mosque as the VHP reaffirmed its resolve to build a temple at the site.

27 February 2002 : At least 58 people were killed in Godhra, Gujarat, in an attack on a train believed to be carrying Hindu volunteers from Ayodhya. Riots followed in the state and over 2000 people were unofficially reported to have died in these.

Year 2003 : The court ordered a survey to find out whether a temple to Lord Ram existed on the site. In August, the survey presented evidence of a temple under the mosque. Muslim groups disputed the findings.

September 2003 : A court ruled that seven Hindu leaders, including some prominent BJP leaders, should stand trial for inciting the destruction of the Babri Mosque.

November 2004 : An Uttar Pradesh court ruled that an earlier order which exonerated LK Advani for his role in the destruction of the mosque should be reviewed.

Year 2007 : The Supreme Court refused to admit a review petition on the Ayodhya dispute.

Year 2009 : The Liberhan Commission, which was instituted ten days after the demolition of the Babri Mosque in 1992, submitted its report on 30 June — almost 17 years after it began its inquiry. Its contents were not made public.

13 September 2010 : The Allahabad High Court pronounces its verdict on four title suits relating to the Ayodhya dispute on 30 September 2010. Ayodhya land to be divided into three parts. ⅓ goes to Ram Lalla represented by Hindu Maha Sabha, ⅓ to Sunni Wakf Board, ⅓ goes to Nirmohi Akhara.

December 2010 : The Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha and Sunni Waqf Board moved to the Supreme Court of India, challenging part of the Allahabad High Court’s verdict.

9 May 2011 : The Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha and Sunni Waqf Board moved to the Supreme Court of India, challenging part of the Allahabad High Court’s verdict.

5 December 2017 : Supreme Court of India Full bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra and comprising Justice Ashok Bhushan and Justice Abdul Nazeer has set 8 February 2018 as the date for final hearing on the case.

March 2018 : Supreme court forms 3 member team to resolve ayodhya dispute by meditation. Gives them period of eight weeks.

6 April 2018 : Supreme Court of India ruled against immediate constitution of a larger bench to hear the case

6 August 2019 : The Supreme Court started final hearing on the case.

16 october 2019 : The final hearing day. The hearing concludes on these day.

17 November 2019 : Final judgement day!

Let’s hope that no sentiments will be hurted by the judgement of court.

“Jai Shri Ram”

Is a tagline used by Right Wingers to express there sentiments on Ayodhya.


A Birthday gift to the Shreyans, by the Shreyans, & for the Shreyans!

You should help. But your help should be limited!
You should love. But your love should be conditional!
You should hate. But your hate should be genuine!
You should respect. But to whom should be a concern!
You should avoid. But don’t let it showcase as defeat!
You should trust. But your trust should be not blind!

Everything mentioned above should be done, but how, why, for what, for whom should be clarified in your mind!

Everyone cannot be everything for you & you cannot be everything for everyone!

Being politely cunning is anytime better than being emotional fool!

Give importance to the person who deserves that, and expect the same from person who desires to give that. Give it to worthy, & expect it from a worthy!

Being quite is better than speaking worthless, to the worthless, & for the worthless!

Your presence should be enjoyable, not avoidable. Be simple and sober with unique life style!

Enjoy the life!



Sometimes we don’t need a long 4 paragraph note to express our feeling. It’s not always about the quantity. Even a single liner can express the inner you if it have a real emotion. No matter which word or language you choose to express it. The only thing matters is how & for whom the word and language is used. And also it always doesn’t relates to love, sometime it’s something different too. And also I’m not clarifying here in what consent I’m writing these. So just enjoy the words.

Will not stretch these so long, here is what i feel :

पता है मुझे वो मंजिल मेरी नही, पर कोशिश करने में हर्ज़ क्या है!


The ‘LEGAL’ advice!

Law is not to studied merely as a body of rules laid down by certain organs (a positive approach, against which there have been protests since long), if law is to studied not merely as a collection of doctrines, dogmas and concepts or as a static entity, but as an organic growth, a living and breathing mechanism keeping pace with the social changes, then there is no escape from the study of legal history. Law cannot be understood properly when divorced from the history and spirit of the nation whose law it is. Law and history are interdependent.

The legal predecessor without the knowledge of history and literature is nothing but a person with limited knowledge and also with a limited career too! He may proffer himslef as an legal architect with zero designs in mind!



What is truth?

The actual defination of what is lie or what actually is not truth is a truth.

A difference between lie and truth is of very simple. One is used to cover something and another one is used to clear something.

The difference between these both thing is just a difference of word.

Cover & Clear!

But what will you state to that factor which covers thing to clear the problems?

At end solution is main. But getting it in any way should be acceptable?

Leaving a question behind.


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